The UCIDCE, Union of Islamic Communities in Ceuta very pleased with the outcome of the Third Islamic Conference


In the last of the conferences organized by the UCIDCE about the interreligious dialogue, the organization emphasized the large number of people and the quality of the contents of the various conferences that took place in the days of the event of The Third Islamic Conference. The conference counted with Zakaria Maza al Qurtubi [1], Isa Garcia[2] and Muhammad Al Toujgani[3].

[1] President of the Community Mosque Taqwa in Granada

[2] A graduate in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in Theology on the University of Umm Al-Qura Makkah City, Saudi Arabia, specializing in the “Origins of Prophetic traditions.” Translator of numerous books and authored a series of titles for the correct understanding of Islam to non-Muslims entitled “Introduction to Islam”. He was the director of the Spanish department of the editorial “International Islamic Publishing House “(IIPH), Darussalam and different websites.

[3] Moroccan Sheik of the Belgium Mosque, Al Khalil



The III Islamic Congress of Ceuta

The III Islamic Congress lectured on the basics of theology to achieve peaceful coexistence in a pluralistic society and intercultural; the president of the organization, Laarbi Maateis, explained that the meeting aims to promote Arab and Islamic culture “because it is a world heritage site and we want to bring communication and knowledge about it to other cultures”.

The Congress was divided through three days and counted with the participation of three major figures whose short bio follows below.

In this link you can see the presentation in Spanish of the Congress and its Lecturers:

Muhammad Isa Garcia

Born in Buenos Aires in 1971 he has a degree in Arabic Language and Islamic Studies in Theology on the University of Umm Al-Qura in the city of Makkah in Saudi Arabia. He is a writer, specializing in ‘Origins of Prophetic traditions”. He is also a translator of numerous books and authored a series of titles for the understanding of Islam by Non-Muslims included under the title of ‘Introduction to Islam’. Speaker at numerous forums in Europe, Latin America and the United States, he was the publishing director of the Spanish department of the ‘International Islamic Publishing House’, Darussalam and different websites. He is director of editorial content of Canal Satellite ‘Cordoba’ and also an expert in mediation and conflict resolution, certified by the Supreme Court of Virginia. He has translated a collection of Islamic doctrine, a total of 8 volumes, and he is currently performing a translation of the holy book of Koran.

Manuel Maza Vielva (Zakaria Maza)

Born in Córdoba, Professor Manuel Maza Vielva answers to the name of Zakaria after his conversion; he was born 21 years ago and he achieved the title of professor of basic general education at the University of Cordoba; he continued his studies in Mecca with a degree in Arabic Language Studies and Methodology. In addition, he has also a specialization in Sharia and Islamic Studies in other sciences, through various seminars held both in Spain and other European countries. Besides being a professor at various centers in 1983 he became the co-founder of the Mosque Albaida in Granada, where he also taught at the Spanish-Arabic school. He has also taught Arabic at the International University Averroes of Cordoba and he has translated several works such as a collection of Hadiths ‘The Gardens of the Righteous’ or ‘resurgence of Islam in Al-Andalus’. Currently he is the President of the Spanish Muslim Community of the Fear of Allah Mosque.


Mohammed Toujgani

He does not speak French, but his charisma as a preacher has a strong emotional charge over a significant Arabic speaking audience: the Friday prayers (mosque al-khalil) are flowing with hundreds of devotees from different parts of Belgium. His speech is forging links with neo-Salafi approach, but it is characterized primarily by proximity to the strong political tradition of the Muslim Brotherhood, sensitive to the struggles in which Muslims are engaged in the world (Palestine, Iraq, Afghanistan etc..). This preacher plays an important role since he became President of the League of Imams of Belgium, an association with the corporatist desire to defend the professional interests of imams. He has also influenced a number of important young preachers in Brussels, including Abu Abdullah Adil. It was in this center that the Afghan mujahideen Office in Belgium, close to the Hezb-i-Islami of Gulbuddin Hekmatyar was established in the 1980s.

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