Mistake after mistake in Breivik’s monologue

Over an hour Anders Behring Breivik read his 13 page document which he considers a cornerstone of his defense. Along the way, he was continuously interrupted by the presiding Judge Wenche Arntzen who ordered Breivik to keep in short and to the point.  Nevertheless, Breivik read through the entire text he had prepared. The chief prosecutor Svein Holden expressed his support for Breivik’s right to read the text seeing it as important to do so. The VG (the news paper) had noted several points from the text. These statements were later passed to the relevant experts to examine its accuracy.

Compares AUF and Hitler Jugend

Breivik compares AUF (The Workers’ Youth League) and Hitler Jugend: “Cultural Marxists and people supporting plurality of cul,tures had hundreds, perhaps thousands opportunities to change the political course since the WWII. But they have refused to change the course again and again. The question is: ‘did AUF and Labour Party (Social Democrats) do this because they are evil or because they are naïve?’ If they are naïve, shall we forgive them, or punish them? The answer is that most of the AUF-ers are naïve and indoctrinated, brainwashed. AUF is much like Hitler Jugend. Utøya (the island where the massacre took place) is an indoctrination camp for political activists.”

Breivik sees it as important to distance himself from Hitler by labeling the AUF as Hitler Jugend. At the same time, his rhetoric, is an extension of Hitler’s rhetoric, for race and “right of blood” (Jus sanguinis) give a person right of citizenship, which we also find with Hitler. Breivik’s world view kan be found in Mein Kampf, says Simon Malekenes, an expert on extreme-right rhetoric.

Breivik about secular Muslims

“One of the Leaders of the Muslim Brotherhood, Subhi Saleh, a member of the constitutional committee said: ‘Anyone who separates religion and politics has abrogated 600 Koranic verses.’ That means that anyone who does not a religious state based on the Sharia is a non-Muslim. The same leader said that the Muslim Brotherhood does not recognize [political] pluralism as there are no secular and liberal Muslims. Accordingly, the Muslim Brotherhood, which are true Muslims, argue that Abid Raja [Norwegian lawyer and politician] and other heretical Muslims in Norway and Europe attempt to kidnap Islam for their own interests. There are no liberal and secular Muslims, there is only Islam. The righteous Muslims, such as the Muslim Brotherhood are therefore wondering who has given Abid Raja and other heretics to abolish the 600 Koranic verses. You cannot find so called secular Muslims in Norway and Europe, being that there are no such Muslims. There are only Muslims and heretics. The heretics therefore have no influence on Islam and the righteous [orthodox] Muslims.”

Twisted view

“I believe that these claims are representative of Breivik’s twisted political views. He sees the world in black and white terms. That is not the case,” said Abid Raja to the VG.

“In his view, there are no moderate Muslims. He does not recognize our role as [cultural] bridge builders. I’m born here. I have not come to take over anything at all,” said Raja.

Breivik about the Knights Templar

“I am standing here today as a representative of the Norwegian and European anti-communist and anti-Islamist resistance movement, in short, the Norwegian and European Resistance Movement. I am also a representative of Knights Templar-network. When I speak, I speak in the name of many Scandinavians and Europeans who wish to keep our native rights and our cultural and territorial rights.”

Possible Fantasy

“Research has not shown that any of these organizations exist. I believe this is a fantasy,” said History Professor Øystein Sørensen. “It can be that he had loose contacts here and there, however, more than few contacts [with likeminded people] is not likely.  I am so certain that I am willing to bet a substantial amount of money on this.”

Brevik about immigration

“Ethnic Norwegians and Europeans have been gruesomely abused since the beginnings of mass-immigration in ‘60s and ‘70s. Ever since the Norwegian and European multiculturalists have allowed this [mass-immigration] more than 30 million Muslims have poured into Western Europe. More than 90 000 of my Norwegian sisters have been raped by Muslims in Norway since 1960. Many of these have been gang-raped or commited suicide as a result of these rapes. More than 300 000 Norwegian boys and girls, men and women have been phisicaly and mentally harassed and terrorized, abused and robbed by Muslims in Norway since the 1960.”

Not documented

If we look to the statistics the [Norwegian] Central Bureau of Statistics has recorded that the police has registered 14.879 rape cases between 1960 and 2010. From 1993 until 2010 on the average there are 628 rapes reported annually. The statistics do not show how many of these reports lead to persecution. Likewise, the statistics do not show the ethnic background of the victims.

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