A study commissioned by the German Islam Conference documents the integrative activities of Islamic Communities and Muslim clergymen

April 18


In contrast with a predominantly negative public image, a new study Commissioned by the German Islam Conference and carried on by the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees and the Center for Turkey Studies and Integration Research, shows that the majority of Muslim Imams have a favorable attitude to dialogue with German society and authorities. Moreover, beside of religious consultancy, Islamic Communities provide important social services, which have an impact on the integration of Muslim immigrants in the society. Such activities include German language classes and job application training for employment-seeking people.


The study asked 1.140 Islamic communities and 800 Imams about their service structures. Most communities offer homework mentoring for school pupils, consultancy in health and education issues. One third of the investigated communities offer German language classes. In total, there are 2.350 mosque communities, including Alevi communities, in Germany, and more than four millions Muslims currently live in the Federal Republic.

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