Church leader Volker Jung about interreligious skills

April 22/14


In an interview with the internet portal, the President of the Protestant Church in Hesse and Nassau Volker Jung spoke about German Muslims and the churches’ answers to the challenges of a changing society. He pointed out how Germany has become a migration society, where there are fully integrated immigrants, born and raised in Germany, as well as problematic groups, and underlined the role which could be played by the Church in this change.


In a culturally and religiously diverse environment, intercultural and interreligious competences would contribute to social peace, Dr Jung said. He envisioned the intercultural facilities of the Evangelical church slowly opening up the gates to Muslim employees, for instance as nursery school teachers. Precondition for employment would be the sharing of a basic set of values. Interreligious cooperation serving to prepare Muslim medical staff for hospitals and psychological information centers would bring together Muslim and Christian clerics and young people from different background.


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