The Bishop of Solsona calls to convert Muslims

18 May 2012

The Bishop of Solsona wants to convert Muslims living in the territory of his diocese to Christianity. Novell Xavier, the youngest bishop in Spain, writes in his Novell weekly on Sunday:
“In our work of evangelization we must not rule out the proclamation of our faith to the Muslims who reside in our towns and cities,” he adds then “If Christ is the only savior, he is also for those who profess Islam and therefore we have to engage in their conversion to Christianity,” the text adds. His proposal is considered inadequate by many Christians and also of course by Muslim representatives, although the rejection from many of them must be inferred from their silence. Jaiteh Morrow, imam of the mosque Claver, declines the invitation to comment on the bishop’s call to conversion. The president of the Islamic Association of Solsona, Khalid Baghal also refused to comment. However, the president of the Maghreb Atlas of Lleida, Omar Charah, talked of provocation: “It is out of place. Are we going back to the Crusades? “

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