Young Islamist sends out death calls against Right-wing movement Pro NRW

May 25

The 27 year-old German Islamist Yassin Chouka, alias “Abu Ibrahim” has sent out a death call via the Internet. In a video, released on the You Tube platform on May 18th, he condemns the Muhammad Cartoon campaign, organized a few weeks ago by the right-wing movement party of Pro North Rhine-Westphalia in some German cities. In his words, Pro NRW members have insulted the prophet and deserve the only possible punishment, which is death. In his call, Chouka asks to gather detailed information about Pro NRW members, their address in order to locate and murder them.

German security authorities have expressed high concern in regard of this issue: this is the first time a recognized member of the Islamist community calls for such a drastic action. The interests of German security forces are focusing on young self-radicalized individuals, sympathizing with the Jihadist scene. Also, the Federal Prosecutor General is investigating against Chouka, accusing him of activities in a terrorist association

Yassin Chouka is born in Germany and moved to Pakistan in 2007 to join a terrorist group called Islamic movement of Uzbekistan (IMZ). A splinter group of IMZ is the Islamic Jihad Union, which attempted to commit a terrorist plot by the so called “Sauerland cell”. The Sauerland group planned bomb attacks across Germany but was uncovered and arrested by German security forces in 2007. Together with his older brother Mounir Chouka, Yassin released periodical video messages from Waziristan calling for terrorist attacks in Germany. According to his core statements, Germany would deserve the harshest punishment possible, as it would be governed by “Jewish forces” and cooperate with the USA in Afghanistan. Recently, the Chouka brothers had praised the French Islamist Mohammed Merah as a martyr for having killed seven persons. Yassin and Mounir Chouka are suspected to be in the area of the Pakistan-Afghanistan border. German and US Federal authorities are hunting both with an international arrest warrant.

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