The lack of teachers blocks Islamic religion classes in the schools of Álava

14 June 2012

Álava has yet to achieve the formation of an Islamic religion class even though there is an increasing demand from prospective students. Schools in the region do not have teachers for this course, a question that the Islamic community blames the Basque Government for, since they have high requisites for the admission of new teachers.

The Union of Islamic Communities of the Basque Country, calls for more flexible requirements. They explain that the implementation of Muslims in Euskadi/Basque Country is a “relatively recent” phenomenon so there are people who have not yet a recognized qualification in Teaching. As a result, and despite the significant increase in demand from families who want their children to learn the Koran in school, “the whole process is stopped.”

In view of the complexity that is taking place to incorporate this subject into formal education, the consulate of Morocco has organized extra Koran classes in some cultural centers  with the assistance of the City Hall authorities.

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