Arne Tumyr*: Shares Breivik’s Fears

June 5, 2012

SIAN (Stop Islamization of Norway) leader Arne Tumyr shares mass murderer’s Anders Breivik Behring fear of Norwegians becoming a minority in Norway. On the prosecutor’s question if he considers the attacks on youth on the Island of Utøya was barbaric. The SIAN leader said: “Yes, of course.”

Tumyr has been, besides the leader of SIAN, an editor of newspapers Larvik, ”South Coast” and a freely available magazine Weekly News. Breivik’s defence team wanted to present the SIAN leader to demonstrate to the court that there are groups of people out there sharing, at least partly, Breivik’s views. A view that Islam is dangerous have, according to the team, encouraged Breivik’s mass murder.

“SIAN is an organization with the purpose to stop Islam and Islamization of the country. We view Islam to be a threat against the Norwegian society and the basic Norwegian values. It endangers out social model which is built on democracy, freedom of speech and religion and supremacy of the (Norwegian) law” Tumyr proclaimed.

”We are not violent,” he continued. The organization is built on preservation of human rights and Norwegian law. “People who are racist or have Nazi-sympathies cannot be members. We are using all of the available (judicially sanctioned) means to fight against Islam, which we believe, is evil and a political religion”.

SIAN leader refused to disclose how many members the organization had. This was for the fear of negative media coverage, for example publicizing that there are 10.000 haters of Islam. Tumyr even claimed that on several occasions the organization was denied to rent (meeting) places in Oslo and Kristiansand because of their opinions. “We have been labeled as racists, and that label scares people away from us, as they are afraid of repercussions. It is unfortunate that freedom of speech does not apply to us as for the rest in this country”, Tumyr complained.

He also explained that ”we have a Facebook page, and there is great activity there. In the last article we had 400 (individuals) who commented. We write about Islam, islamization and Islamic history. We tell about the prophet, about how Islam is slowly but surely taking over not only Norway but also the entire Europe. We report about the threats Islam poses to the Western societies. But (we talk) also about the lies told by the Norwegian press.”

In his attempt to substantiate his claims he told of an example from Kristiansand where a picture of a pig (allegedly in a kidergarden) had to be taken down since it was considered to be “an impure animal” which could offend Muslims.

Lippestad (defence lawyer) asked: “What in particular is dangerous in Islam?”

Tumyr mentioned the social condition in Pakistan and other Muslim countries. “Where do we find people who live under tyranny? Just as in Nazi-ruled Germany and the Soviet Union. Muslims demand benefits based on their religion. In 1969, before we had Islam in our society, the parliament adopted a law on religious communities. It decided that there are religious outside of the state church which needed support. However, such support was intended to religious communities that were decent. Those who want to leave Islam shall be executed, it is illegal for a Muslim girl to marry a Norwegian (man),” Tumyr proclaimed.

“The Parliament is on a collision course with the people. We have been attacked by Muslims and their sympathizers. We have seen riots on the streets of Oslo. It looked like a battlefield.” Tumyr even compared the current situation with that when the king was dethroned in 1945.

“You are in the process of rejecting the (Norwegian) people. It says that islamophobia is the problem, not Islam. Islam is terror. After the 11th of September 2011 (this is most likely an error in the article, the year meant is probably 2001) there have been fifty seven thousand Islamic attacks. Maybe not so many in Europe, but it could come here as well. This is not religion of peace but of war” Tumyr continued. He explained that the bulk of this information is taken from various sources on internet and printed books.

Breivik had previously explained that right-wing messages are not coming out to the public. Tumyr explained that intgernet is extremely important and that they have a facebook page, a website and a forum by which they attempt to communicate with others. ”Well, sometimes things that we do not approve are posted, we are quick to remove such material, due that they might be understood to be illegal.” Tumyr considers, for instance, that the fact that his speech was not broadcasted as other witnesses. “I feel ill-treated due to this inconsiderate process”, Tumyr added. The proceeding judge Wenche Arntzen answered; “than you are in a good company” (alluding to Breivik’s previous statement of being ill-treated by the court and the media).

*Arne Tumyr (b. 1933) is a former journalist and newspaper editor. He an extreme islamophobe and one of the initiators of Stop Islamisation of Norway (Stopp islamiseringen av Norge, SIAN: established in 2008. By mid-2011, it was reported that the organisation had close to 13,000 members or “likes” on its Facebook group, although it gathered only a modest attendance at its meetings and demonstrations (Wikipedia).

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