The Mayor of Badalona forbids Muslims to pray in the street

19 July 2012
The Mayor of Badalona, Xavier García Albiol reminded today the Muslim community in the neighborhoods of Artigas and Sant Roc, before the first morning of Ramadan, that they may not use the street to pray. Albiol said in a statement that the Muslim community “should have found a solution to stop praying in the Camarón de la Isla square, in the neighborhood of Sant Roc. Already since eight months ago that the City Hall is asking them to seek alternative places to stop praying on public roads. ” The mayor said that “the situation can not be extended beyond this. Those responsible for the Islamic center of Pau Cami knew they needed to look for a place to pray before the spring, but have not done so.” In this situation, the municipal government announced that it has offered the Muslim community in the neighborhoods of Sant Roc Artigas the courtyard of the former secondary school Badalona 9 to carry out their prayers.

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