March 9


28 years old social pedagogue Funda Doghan is specialized to advise Muslim job seekers. Although, migrants with “diversity” skills have been employed at German public services and job agencies to advise minority groups, the job consultant is a new concept. The city of Waiblingen in the German State of Baden-Württemberg has implemented a unique concept, advising Muslim immigrants in addressing them in parent-teachers conferences, mosques and women centers.


Jürgen Kurz, chief executive director of the employment agency of Waiblingen explains the inhibition of Muslims in dealing with German bureaucracy as one challenge for immigrants. For instance, many parents do not have sufficient knowledge about the German education system and cannot guide their children. Having advanced from secondary school to University, Funda Doghan has earned respect among Muslim immigrants. Her knowledge about Muslim traditions enables her to understand classic gender roles when encouraging women for a career path.


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