UCIDCE recognizes the presence of takfiris in Ceuta

14 April 2013

The president of the Union of Islamic Communities in Ceuta (UCIDCE), the organization that brings together more than 90 percent of the fifty Muslim entities legally registered as such in Ceuta, Laarbi Maateis, acknowledged the presence in the autonomous city of ” five or six “militants of the radical group Takfir Wal Hijra (Anathema and Exile), to which different experts have linked to the recruitment of young Muslims of Ceuta to perform Jihad in Syria.

“If it was not for the great work of the intelligence services of the neighboring country,” he warned, “ we would have had thousands of cases in Morocco and many in Ceuta, (..), because there are many young people who are self-radicalized, they become fanatics, especially through the Internet, without hearing messages from their Imams, without the slightest knowledge of Islamic jurisprudence. ”

Maateis points to the neighboring Moroccan town of Castillejos (Fnideq, in Arabic), as one of the hotbeds of Islamic radicalism. “I guess it is because it is a border area, because there is contact with people of Ceuta, (…), “he says.

UCIDCE President has stated that his federation is spending “much time and sacrifice” to “prevent young ceutíes to be captured by radicals.” “However,” he added on the processes of recruitment, we “must take into account the movement of our youth to Morocco and warn that most of the contacts occur via the internet with emails, the whatsapp and especially the Paltalk “.

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