Casalpusterlengo – Back again to the forefront is the question of an Islamic cultural center in a stable in Via Fugazza and, after months of silence, there could ignite a tug of war between Muslims and the administration. At issue is the use of a building on Via Fugazza, which was used as a place of worship until the center-right, who came to power in the spring of 2009, began a long struggle, which culminated in November 2010 with the pronouncement of Council of State who declared the space “unfit” as a center of prayer. To date, however, faithful Muslims still pray in the space.

“The activity of worship is not possible” reiterates the mayor of Casalpusterlengo, the Northern League’s Flavio Parmesani. “I believe that the eviction of more than two years ago is clear: at this point I will urge them to get out of the space.” The measure would be at risk of appeal which has already happened before, but the mayor intends to proceed anyway.

The story now has its roots in time: August 26, 2009, the head of the a Private Construction Service in the town of Casale, performed an inspection, after which the service ordered the demolition of illegal works and the restoration of a commercial use building.  Following this, the building was used for worship, of which the Administrative Court of Lombardy had decided to “freeze” the case after which the Council of State has decided to pursue again.

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