May 15, 2013

“It is not pride or racism. We ask the city government in the hope that voters try not to go against the real needs of the city and remember that excessive tolerance and permissiveness cannot help. Imperia is in decay because it allows those who do not belong”

“It is important to mention that on via Cascione, there is now a symbol of all that we never wanted to occur in our city. In what has always been considered the ‘living room’ of Porto Maurizio, home to historic palaces with frescoed ceilings and prestigious architectural beauty, is now uncontrolled Muslim invasion that carries with it the degradation, the offense and the consequent abandonment of the citizen, even though our citizens are entitled to reside and live in peace and security in the street where he was born. ”

The above was written by the Northern League of Imperia, just days before the elections. The Northern League also explained “via Cascione is just one example of what recent years has hit Italy. The situation in Imperia is striking and known to all: Muslims have taken over an area that is now reduced to what is called the Islamic quarter. This is not campanilismo, not racism and it is not demagoguery. It is of fundamental importance to support cooperation between citizens and institutions and, at the same time, you need a specific regulation which implements checks and inspections to curb any lawlessness connected to immigrants.”

The League asks:

  • Not to grant licenses for the opening of new businesses without carrying out audits
  • Carry out, in stores that are operated by non-Italians, periodic inspections regarding tax, sanitation, and undeclared work and safety
  • Perform a controlled sanitation in housing rented to foreigners
  • Make efficient and productive structured Districts
  • Establish and/or enhance a neighborhood watch
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