Milan- “It should have been a day of celebration but it has turned in yet another act of discrimination and racism against Muslims.” The ANSA news agency reported the accusations of Sharif Lorenzini, Bari, director of the Italian Islamic Community, with respect to a water park “Acquaneva of Inzago,” in the province of Milan.

At the amusement park which had been sponsored by the Halal consumer association that certifies the quality of products according to the dictates of the Islamic religion. According to Lorenzini the owners of a water park would have rented the waterpark to the group, but then, suddenly, they changed their minds, leaving the organizers in trouble and with a deep sense of disappointment and over 200 participants from all parts of Italy attending.

“We had made arrangements to purchase the structure” explained the President of Halal, Basma Farrag both on price, date, and also the use of the structure. But from one day to the next the owner began to take an arrogant attitude towards us: constantly changing the cards on the table and then on the phone greatly increased the price.” When the group accepted the new terms, the owner told them that they would not have been able to use the slides.

Farrag adds, “we have to cancel the event and there is a strong feeling of disappointment sweeping across the Italian Islamic Community. A feeling that is turning into desire for revenge: we feel the racism and discrimination. And with us there are also many non-Muslim women who were to participate in the event.” Now, the association is considering whether to take legal action against the water park.

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