Mrs. Mamèche, private Muslim High School advisor: ‘We believe in our students’

Zaman France


In light of the approaching nationwide A-Level examination date in France, Fouad Bahri met with Mrs. Mamèche, advisor and archivist to France’s most successful high school. The Averroès high school is one of France’s few private Muslim schools and has a student success rate of 100% in regards to France’s Bac (A-Level). In conversation with Mrs. Mamèche, she reveals the success of her students. She speaks of the careful preparation her students for the Bac, including training session in time management, constant pedagogic guidance, revision classes and extra-curricular internships.

The school’s success is also tied to its integration of parents in the education of their children. They are invited to participate in conferences with scholars and psychologists who provide them insights to educational success for their students. In addition, the students are taught in optional courses on Muslim ethics on how to be a good human, citizen as well as Muslim.

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