The new forms of war on Europe by Islam: The beheading of a British soldier and suicide at Notre Dame Paris: just coincidence?


By Massimo Melani

Two black Muslim men savagely killed a British soldier as he was diligently doing his duty.

The global television networks aired assassins who cried, in a frantic trance, “Allah Akbar,” immediately after the murderers has promised to the western world “always to be on alert,” because they “will never stop fighting Western civilization because it brings down governments and the destinies of countries,” and that “I am sorry only for women who have seen such an act,” which, however, he repeated, ”will be replicated.”

The other day at Notre Dame in Paris, an anti-Islamic, took his own life as an extreme act of desperation against gay unions, but primarily against “Islamic invaders.” The difference between East and West, therefore, has much deeper roots in politics and religion.

The issues between the two civilizations is based on the course of the centuries, with a period that goes back beyond the Crusades, beyond the birth of Islam and Christian culture, before the fifth century before Christ.

The real problem is the timeless inability of the East to welcome liberal government and the values ​​of the West; concomitantly the developed world is unable to accept a culture that is still based on religious values.


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