May 29


Muslims representatives such as the central council of Muslims remembered the deadly assault of May 29th 1993 in the German city of Solingen. Twenty years ago, the German government restricted the asylum law, as a consequence of increasing numbers of asylum seekers. The restriction was part of a preventive policy in the aftermath of the German reunification. Violent protests against foreigners and asylum seekers had occurred in Eastern and Western parts of Germany. In Solingen, a right-wing extremist perpetrator had executed a fire assault, which killed a Turkish family with five members.


With regard to the twentieth annual of the assault in Solingen, Muslim organizations are deeply concerned about the recent wave of assaults against mosques. According the central council of Muslims, Muslim immigrants are increasingly facing daily racism when applying for jobs or searching for accommodation. Racist comments have become socially accepted. The central council of Muslims argues that NSU right-wing terrorism has been advantaged by the hostile atmosphere against Muslim immigrants.


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