June 13


Hesse is the first German State that recognizes a Muslim community as corporate body under public law. So far, only the Catholic, Evangelical, Greek-orthodox, Russian-orthodox, Jewish and Jehova´s witnesses have been given this status.


The Ahmadiyya Muslim Jammat community had given the legal status of corporate body under public law, which entitles the community to be treated equal as the Christian and Jewish communities and raise taxes. Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, chair of the community said that the status will facilitate the construction of Muslim cemeteries and mosques in Germany. The community does not aim to raise in the near future.


Since the 1950´s, the Ahmadiyya community is active in Germany. The Ahmadiyya community has 35.000 members and 225 organized communities in Germany.


The reaction of the coordination council of Muslim to the decision was cautious. In a press release, the Ahmadiyya community has been described as “an autonomous religious community with Muslim elements”. It would not recognize Muhammad as the last prophet. Muslim associations such as the council of Muslims have applied “a century ago” for being recognized as a corporate body, but would be still waiting for a respond.


The Ahmadiyya community had applied in 2011. Chair Wagishauser promised to support the other Muslim associations in the recognition process, simultaneously he distanced the community to extremist groups. What Salafists would do say and do would be the contrary of Islamic faith and religion. The deeds of the Ahmadiyya would comply with the constitutional order of Germany promoting tolerance and knowledge.

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