June 14, 2013


Following the arrest of a 21-year old Moroccan in Vobarno accused of international Islamic terrorism, a section of Forza Nuova Brescia decided to give an or rather, post it, and have decided to include it on different banners in protest on the main streets of the town in Sabbia Valley.

They used the slogan “Islam Out of Italy” and “Stop terrorism, no Islam.” But beyond the individual, which can take this as a gratuitous racial slur, we hear what reasons lie behind this gesture: “We decided to use strong words and phrases” says the press note released by Forza Nuova  “why not is to focus on Islam and not create an opportunity for Muslims to become protagonists.”

“The same area of Vobarno” continues the statement “has experienced in the past negative events related to Muslim immigration. Recall, just to name one, the murder of a bartender in 2001, again by an immigrant of Moroccan origin.”

“We therefore call on citizens not to tolerate this type of continuous violence and widespread damage to the Italians, and we make ourselves available for future demonstrations.”

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