July 7, 2013


The series Ben & Izzy produced by the Jordanian production company Rubicon enlivens the summer schedules dedicated to children. The channel launches on Planet Kids starting July 22. The cartoon in CGI, was produced in 2006 in English language with the purpose of being distributed internationally, in 2008 it was dubbed in Arabic.

The cartoon is aimed at children aged 6 to 11 years old. Viewers follow the adventures of the American Ben, and the Arab Izzy, two boys of different cultures who find themselves in the same place due to the work of their archaeologist grandparents. Initially wary of their difference they begin to learn and to appreciate their differences.

In the desert, they discover a tomb where they let the genie Yasmine escape, a lively girl who helps them on their travels.

Through the powers of Yasmine and her determination to save the precious heritage of the world, the boys find themselves traveling back in time. One adventure takes them to Petra in 1867, the year of the first visit made ​​at what is now considered one of the seven wonders of the world. The protagonists, sort of two “Raiders of the Lost Ark” characters, learn the pasts value together, and mature to the point to appreciate all that there is to learn about each other’s culture.

The fun and educational series will be broadcast in their original language with audio in Italian.

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