Badajoz: Ramadan against the thermometer

11 July 2013

At the mosque of Gurugu street the Ramadan prayers finish at the first hour of dawn. “Here we make a sacrifice because the next day we still need to get up to go to work, but we adapt, “summarizes Adel Najjar, the Imam of Badajoz. To try to reconcile the Ramadan schedules, representatives of Islamic communities have asked several times to employers to facilitate the life of Muslim workers as they do not have it easy.  In fact, Spain is one of the countries where the Muslim community fasts for a longer period (17 hours), alongside the high temperatures (30/40 degrees Celsius).

Besides these problems the community of Badajoz has also to solve the question of space. The mosque is too small and they do not have an oratory for women. Moreover, between Badajoz and Huelva there is no mosque and many communities come also from Portugal to pray there.

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