July 22


Abdullah Uwe Wagishauser, is born in 1950. Since 1984 he is the chair (Emir) of the Ahmadiyya Muslim Jemaat community association in Germany. In an interview with the German Turkish News portal, he speaks about the plans of the community to extend the number of mosques and religious facilities. The Ahmadiyya community possesses 36 mosques for 220 communities in Germany and plans to construct 12 new facility buildings.


Recognized a corporate body under public law, the Ahmadiyya community is legalized to teach Imams. They are studying Islamic theology at the Islamic theology institute of the Ahmadiyya community. Right now, there are 17 student of Indian and Pakistani origin. They study the Fiqh (Law), Tafsir (Interpretation) of the Quran and Islamic Philosophy. Wagishauser emphasizes the importance of the legal status for the community, as it would not rely on Arab oil or the bargain power of the Turkish Ditib community. Instead, Wagishauser offers to cooperate with other Turkish and Muslim communities and encourages them to free ride on this window of opportunity for Muslims to become visible and notable.


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