31 July 2013


The lawyer for a Turkish woman accused of shooting her lover last February has commented that she did so under threat from her husband, according to the Dutch Algemeen Dagblad newspaper.

Ramazan Korkmaz was discovered injured in his car in the city of Vlaardingen. He subsequently died. Serma K, a 37 year old woman whose relationship with Korkmaz was discovered through text messages, was arrested in connection with the shooting. Upon arrest, Serma K shouted that she had cleansed her “honour”.

Serma K’s lawyer has now commented that the shooting occurred due to pressure exercised upon the woman by her husband, following the discovery of the affair. According to the lawyer, her husband “shaved her head. She was also assaulted, degraded and raped by him…”. The lawyer made the comments during a pre-trial in a Rotterdam court, adding that Serma K. fees safe enough to tell her story now that her husband is in custody for incitement to murder.

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