Bloody mannequins were found in front of the town hall of Ostia against the minister Cécile Kyenge visit. Today the Minister of Integration participates in a debate right in Ostia which is on the coast. The debate was organized by the Young Democrats club at 18.30 after the visit to the Mosque of Rome in the morning. At the discovery, the mayor Ignazio Marino reacted sharply: “Rome is a city with an ancient tradition of hospitality; the isolated act of a few will not stop the courageous work being done by the Minister of Integration Cecile Kyenge. I strongly condemn the shameful episode that occurred this morning and I invite the Minister to Capitol Hill to make her feel welcome by all the citizens of Rome.” And meanwhile, we have increased safety procedures in the neighborhoods on coast where the minister is expected.”

The far-right group, however, has staged the mannequins on the floor and smeared them with tomato stains to reaffirm “the danger in which they will be applied if the Italians allow ius soli, the law that would grant citizenship to those born in Italy” they wrote on Facebook nine days ago along with photos of the mannequins dated August 2 the mannequins were seen in Cervia, near Ravenna, at the end of July, when the minister Kyenge participated in a celebration by the Democratic Party.

“We ask ourselves” explain the group “what she has to say about the policies about youth who are devoted to political disintegration of national identity. Her words are full of racism against European culture. Now this racism is seen in the ius soli and in the abolition of the Bossi-Fini laws, decriminalizing illegal immigration.”

And promises of attacks against refugees and immigrants in the country: “We want to send a strong message that immigration kills, and it will generates time bombs burst violently if left unchecked. We do not want to end up in the banlieues section of Paris. We are speaking as Catholics, far from any racial prejudice, we are just concerned about the Islamist tide that is taking place in Europe, including the crisis in the Middle East and this is just the beginning.”

The mannequins, posted on a gate, were quickly removed by the staff of the municipality. A “horrible gesture, reminiscent of the dark days of the Ku Klux Klan. We are all with Kyenge and we will press ahead,” said the President of the Lazio Region, Nicola Zingaretti on Twitter.

The “fascists of the Third Millennium” however, have posted a banner on the pedestrian bridge in Via dei Romagnoli, near Ostia, with the words : “Italy is not a bureaucracy. No to the ius soli.”


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