Muslims ask for Mosque in Conegliano

We ask for help from the city of Conegliano, we would like a mosque”

The Islamic community Conegliano met these days the marabouts Bodian, who made ​​the request to the mayor


“We ask for help to the Municipality of Conegliano, we would like a mosque.” This is the request of the Islamic community that already has access to a room in the city, provided by Caritas, to study the Koran.


If you visit the province of Treviso you will likely come across marabout El Hadji Fansou Bodian, a kind of cardinal who will need to meet with the Mayor Floriano Zambon. On Sunday, as stated in the Tribuna di Treviso, Muslims will gather from all over the Treviso area. It is a harsh attack by Bodian who hides behind religion to commit acts of violence: “He who kills has denounced God, and cannot be part of Islam,” he says.

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