The President of the Pontifical Council defends the decision of Ticino. “It’s about internal security, I do not see the problem”


“It is a decision that the people of Ticino made without regard to religious significance and therefore is not against Islam. This decision was based on an internal security threat.” It is with these words that Cardinal Antonio Maria Vegliò responded yesterday in the Vatican, to the questions posed by the Corriere del Ticino about the Ticino vote.


The President of the Pontifical Council does not consider the burqa a matter of primary importance. “It’s a small thing. But if a Swiss law bans the burqa in public places, what’s the problem? Clearly, if a police officer met a woman in the street veiled from head to toe, he could not recognize a threat and could take off the burqa.”


The undersecretary of the Pontifical Council for Migrants, Gabriele Bentoglio, wanted to respond to questions from the CDT, including the issue of the burqa in the current trend towards the search for identity in times like these. “As long as you do not attach a negative identity to a community that does not have one strong identity.,” said Bentoglio, emphasizing how the Catholic Church requests the creation of an identity-pro, or open to others, and not an identity-against position.

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