It is a black October in Ravenna. Forza Nuova’s local militants are now promoting a protest in front of a new Mosque on the afternoon of Saturday, October 26. “Lepanto taught us, Islam must stop,” it’s that black and white. The first blitz against the Muslim community was carried out on October 10, a day marked in history by the neo-fascist Romagna group. It was carried out three days after the historic battle of 7 October 1571, which saw the defeat of the Ottoman fleet by the Holy League of Pope Pius V. Now the intention is to proceed with a second protest rally in front of the second largest mosque in Italy, assuming that the police grant the gathering.

Two days before the commemoration of the March on Rome, Ravenna Forza Nuova is keen to “declare their total opposition.” The group’s Facebook page states “we are always firmly against both the Islamic invasion and against the establishment of Islamic cultural centers and mosques; places of worship. Aggregation and integration of Catholicism is only a facade. The dialogue between Christians and Muslims will never exist, there can be no constructive dialogue with a religion based on hatred. Islam is a scourge of which we can and must respond and fight with our Roman and Christian roots.” It is clear that dialogue with the followers of Allah, fascists think like the chaplain Giulio Maria Tam, who every year harangue for those nostalgic days led by Duce Mussolini.

For now, the members of the garrison of 26 October number little more than fifty, but the event was created announced a few days ago. Desideria Raggi, provincial manager of Forza Nuova, ensures that many people will take part, “if state institutions filibuster my first request then we will be forced to move the garrison to another day. In that case the state will unleash anger from members and sympathizers of the movement, as happened in June with the procession in Rimini against the ius soli.”

The militants of Forza Nouva defaced a banner on October 10. When the defaced banner was discovered by Basel Ahmed, an Iraqi architect and the president of the center of culture and Islamic Studies in Romagna he was limited to stigmatize the act as “rude.” A balanced reaction, whose act was condemned by the council of Ravenna.

“The mosque was inaugurated in the presence of the prefect and all the heads of law enforcement” says the mayor of the Democratic Party Fabrizio Matteucci “because everyone has a right to pray to the god they believe. After the raid on October 10, I heard that someone is thinking of organizing a counter-demonstration, but my invitation is to ignore and isolate the initiative of Forza Nuova. The police will maintain order. The same Basel Ahmed has said he wants to completely trust the authorities; this is an example of great seriousness on the part of the Muslim community of Ravenna. Now we have to wait for a decision to be made on whether the demonstration will be allowed.

Il Fatto Emilia Romagna:

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