Islam: Santanche sentenced to 4 days of arrest and a fine

December 2, 2013


Daniela Santanche has been sentenced to four days of prison and payment of a fine of 1,100 Euros. The sentence came from Maria Luisa Balzarotti, a Milan judge, for Santache’s unauthorized anti-burka protest in September 2009. Santanche as the leader of the “Movement for Italy” promoted an anti-burka protest in front of the Steam Factory in Milan, the place chosen by the Muslim community to celebrate the end of Ramadan. The garrison had provoked a strong reaction from Muslims in Milan, to the point that one of them, Egyptian Ahmed El Badry, struck her.

El Badry is accused of aggravated injury, the single judge in Milan ordered him to pay 2,500 euro fine and to compensate Santanche 10,000 euro.  Santanche has played the dual role of the defendant and injured party in this case.



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