Hundreds of extremists in Catalonia willing to act

December 16, 2013


In response to the expansion of Salafi-Wahabi extremism across Europe, Spanish State security has deployed a dense network of agents throughout Catalonia that have woven a stealthy early warning system for detecting terrorist threats from radical Islamist groups that have arrived to gain new supporters in the Catalan community. Several “conferences” held by Salafists in Catalonia during 2013 confirm the growing importance of Islamic extremism in Catalonia.

The general situation is as follows: although there has not been any recent terrorist activities in Spain, the danger posed by extremists has not disappeared. Instead, the jihadist message grows, especially in Catalonia. For example, security forces in the Barcelona area have calculated that the number of extremists willing to promote elaborate, violent actions is in the hundreds.


La vanguardia:

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