January 22, 2014


Pisa has been influenced by the Islamic culture, even in its monuments, although normally we do not remember this history. In the Middle Ages and the Renaissance, there was an exchange with Islamic culture and now that that Italian cities are increasingly more populated by people of various backgrounds including Arabs. Pisa and Santa Croce welcome an exhibition by the artist Moataz Nasr, who frequented these places for months to draw inspiration.

“Moataz Nasr. A bridge between Pisa and Santa Croce on the Arno” is the project of the two municipalities curated by Ilaria Mariotti.

“What I loved the most about visiting the Cathedral of Pisa was  the Baptistery, Monumental Cemetery and the Tower” said the artist to the organizers of the exhibition “The blending of two different cultures and how it manifests itself in form and manner makes it seem simple and easy. Western architecture even incorporates the Islamic language. Inside the Baptistery I found wonderful sculptures, columns, colors, decorations, and flooring. There is no discomfort or difficulty in this encounter, there is no us and them.”

Moataz Nasr. A bridge between Pisa and Santa Croce on the Arno
Curator: Ilaria Mariotti
Project: City of Pisa and the City of Santa Croce
Open until February 9, 2014


L’Unita’: http://www.unita.it/culture/un-arabo-a-pisa-e-santa-croce-br-moataz-nasr-tra-islam-e-occidente-1.546744

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