February 1, 2014


The hour of religious education in school is more of a chance for reflection and discovery not only of the Catholic faith, but increasingly also for other forms of belief. In line with this, students at the Carducci School of Alessandria accompanied by their teachers of religion were able to visit the town mosque located in Via Verona.

The meeting, coordinated by Ahmed Osman, a cultural mediator, allowed the children to deepen their knowledge of Islam, mainly with the help of the Alessandrian Young Muslims, who welcomed their peers.

During the visit the pupils of the school were able to visit the library of the mosque, the prayer room and were able to hear beforehand the singing of Mua’zin (call to prayer). Lastly, students were able to told about the Arabic language school, which is open to all not just Muslims. The visit was also an opportunity to reflect on the different origins of the students, for example, teachers discussed the diverse numbers of native languages ​​of the participants.


Alessandria News: http://www.alessandrianews.it/lo-spazio/religione-scuola-carducci-si-studia-l-islam-55367.html

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