March 7, 2014


Yesterday morning at a local High School, four classes for a total of about 100 children attended the very first viewing of the Documentary film “Beyond Islam’s Doors,” directed by Fabrizio Fantini. Daniela Asquini of the video library of Emilia Romagna and Marisa Iannucci of the Islamic Center of Ravenna were also in attendance. The community has already supported intercultural and interreligious dialogue with a visiting exhibition held in the local museum last December in which Christianity, Judaism and Islam were explained in an educationally effective way for students.

The Documentary Film that was screened will be officially unveiled in Bologna in April 5 of next year. The film documents Islam in Romagna specifically in Ravenna and Bologna showing all the prejudices, opinions and experiences of the Muslim community.

The film follows an Islamic community. Also documented is the construction of the Mosque of Ravenna with all the strengths and weaknesses of the work. For example, women are fairly “marginalized” in the prayer area on a mezzanine far from the male community.

The film states that the Italian Constitution, on which you swear when you get citizenship, “is sacred.” Many of the respondents of the Islamic faith profess a faith in democracy and also belong to trade unions and associations for peace. What emerges is the idea that the principles of equality, coexistence, peace, democracy, are really sacred to believers and non- believers, and certainly represents an Islam that is compatible with the Italian population. The High school where the viewing took place is one of the top players in the cultural scene and attentive to integrate students from today with others from many countries around the world.


Ravenna Notizie:

Teaser of the film (English):

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