April 15, 2014


Even though several news about the Jihadist activities in Spain have been released in the past months no official comment on the subject has been issued by the Islamic Communities delegations. Furthermore the Spanish police and Security forces have been updating the growing number of Jihadists individuals departing from Spain to fight in Syria, still there was no reaction or declaration from the Spanish Muslim leaders.

In fact in the official Facebook account of Riay Tatary (President of the UCIDE) the most recent posts have been on common questions such as integration of the Muslim citizens in the Spanish society, the envoy of goods to humanitarian associations in Syria and a conference on methods of financing Islamic institutions.


Islamhispania: http://islamhispania.blogspot.com.es/2014/03/madrid22032014islamedia-conferencia.html


UCIDE: http://ucide.org/es/content/el-contendor-del-levante-de-ayuda-humanitaria-siria-llega-su-destino

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