May 27, 2014

Cam clash is a television series that airs Monday nights on France 4. It uses hidden cameras and actors to portray everyday occurrences, such as instances of discrimination, and then evaluates the public’s reaction.

In its most recent episode, Cam clash presents a scene of a young woman entering the Paris metro. She confronts a veiled Muslim woman and remarks, “we are no longer at home.” Three bystanders come to the Muslim woman’s defense, while a fourth supports the woman’s racist remarks.

The video has sparked considerable controversy because it “raises serious moral questions. The lack of distinction between true and false concerning this type of video, which can very quickly spread on the web, may be prejudicial towards real situations by casting doubt on them, and can lead to the viewer’s misconception and reinforce their fears or prejudices.”

Others believe that this type of video is necessary in order to bring these situations to the public’s attention because they raise awareness of the dangers of such widespread societal attitudes.

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