August 12, 2014

A young British jihadist who fled his home to fight for the Islamic State boasted of a waiting list for “martyrdom” among the troops. Reyaad Khan also claimed the militants had “fireworks for the US” that have carried out air strikes to halt the advance of the Islamic State (IS) forces in northern Iraq. The 20-year-old former college student was one of three young Britons who appeared in a recruitment video for IS in June. Since travelling to Syria he has bragged about the execution of prisoners and uploaded graphic photos of corpses on Twitter leading to suggestions he could face war crime charges if he returns to the UK.

One posting featured a fighter holding a severed head by its hair while others include pictures of beheadings. In his latest tweet, Khan wrote: “Spent the day with 2 German brothers waiting 2 do martyrdom ops. The waiting list is so long, we got fireworks for US when they return.”

The comment has accelerated fears over a planned wave of suicide attacks against the US in Iraq.

The student, from Cardiff, also shared a photo of the door of an American vehicle, backing claims that IS has seized US military equipment from the retreating Iraqi forces.

The tweets, attributed to Khan, suggest that British jihadists have crossed from Syria into Iraq to join the IS militants, whose advance has forced thousands of Iraqis to flee their villages and seek refuge in the Sinjar mountains.

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