August 15, 2014

Over the last 2 months we have witnessed the atrocities committed by ISIS to the people of Iraq. ISIS have targeted and forced Christians to convert to Islam, pay a high tax or face execution, therefore thousands of people left their homes and belongings and fled their city. Some Churches have been damaged and converted into Mosques.

ISIS has painted the letter “N” in Arabic on the houses of Christians in the city of Mosul (N standing for Nasara, word used to describe Christians in Arabic). Many churches and shrines have been destroyed, this is an extension to a dangerous movement which is spreading, we witnessed this in Syria and even reports in Libya, Tunisia and Lebanon. Arabs, Christians and people throughout the world have launched the #WeAreN campaign on social media sites to show solidarity with Iraqi Christians. This week we learn of the horrors to the Yazidi community, the displacement and the brutal targeting of the Yazidi community is causing a humanitarian crisis,  ISIS in addition continue to target Sunni and Shia population who have not pledged allegiance to the so-called “Islamic” authority. Mosques and shrines have been destroyed completely. The Mosques and Imams National Advisory Board is encouraging Mosques and Imams to condemn these crime and express solidarity, this Friday 15th August. Each Mosques and Imams have found appropriate means to delivering this; this includes delivering Friday Khutba’s on this issue, organising events, and send out information through newsletters, social media Facebook, twitter etc. The MINAB is working with the media including the BBC and Sky News to ensure this activity is reported.

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