Child Protection Council: ‘jihadi children’ are doing fine

In June Azzedine C. was suspected to leave to Syria together with his (ex-) wife and their sons. Thereupon their passports were withdrawn. An investigation began, to the risk of leaving to Syria and the general circumstances in the family. Police officers told that the situation was not good: the father was said to be aggressive and to inject his sons with radical-islamic and anti-western ideas.

The end conclusion is however that the circumstances are fine and that the police has ‘made up stories.’ Conversations have led to the conclusions that the boys are not being raised with jihadist ideas. The parents are described as ‘responsible.’ Although the children might learn about the ideas their father has. Azzedine C. is still being hold in custody. The only worries the researchers have is the well-being of the children who haven’t seen their father since June.

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