Friend of Mohammed B. has regrets: “I am merciful.”

10 years ago Theo van Gogh was murdered by Mohammed B. Jutta Chorchus and Ahmet Olgun spoke to his friends, members of the Hofstadgroep […] and Nouredine el F. was one of them. In 2005 he was arrested with his wife Soumaya S., while he was carrying a machinegun. He was sentenced to 8 years imprisonment and after send back to Morocco. He now claims he has made mistakes and he shouldn’t have carried the machinegun, because this is forbidden.

He came into contact with the Hofstadgroep while he was in puberty, stating that when you’re in your puberty you’re enthusiastic in the things you do. Things are simple, black-and-white. And then came the 9/11 attacks and the War on Terror, and both the West and became a victim of this. The ‘brothers’ in the Hofstadgroep not only felt connected by them sharing a religion, but the group also provided a feeling of belonging, a common destiny and ‘cosiness.’

According to Nouredine el F. Muslim extremism played a role in emergence of Geert Wilders (Dutch right-wing politician, known for his harsh critics on Islam and Muslims). Their actions have harmed the society as a whole and the Muslim society in the Netherlands and have caused feelings of fear.

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