How to spot a Muslim according to the Board of Education in Poitiers

Charles Martel has returned to the Board of Education in Poitiers. A document meant to help teachers detect signs of radicalization in students is said to have taken a “dislike” to Islam, according to information from Mediapart.

The document classifies signs of radicalization in the following manner: having a long beard, wearing religious clothing, shaving one’s head, refusing to get tattoos or practicing intensive fasts. The information was presented in a PowerPoint and also discusses Palestine, Chechnya and Iraq. According to Mediapart, the presentation was made by a section of the “mobile security team” (EMS) whose members are ex-police officers or gendarmes. EMS was created in 2009 to ensure the security of educational establishments.

After being interviewed on France Bleu, Magali Espinasse, member of the union Snes-FSU, expressed her disapproval of the document. She referred to it as a “gross caricature” that contained “outrageous simplifications,” calling it “racism, pure and simple.”

Minister of Education Najat Vallaud-Belkacem said “maybe the words aren’t perfect, and we will indeed improve things.”


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