Four members of the same family are suspected of having flown to Syria to fightalongside the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Two brothers aged 17 and 20, from
Camden in north London, are believed to have travelled with their cousins via Milan to Istanbul before they all crossed the border into Syria.

Their cousins, also brothers and are from Wednesbury in the Midlands, have been identified as Mejanul Islam, 22, and Kamran Islam, 19, and their parents told the Sunday Times that the young men had told them that they were going to London to visit their extended family.

The mother of the siblings said they claimed to have gone on holiday to Thailand and the family had no idea that they had plans to actually travel to Turkey to potentially cross the border into Syria. Community leader Dr Jamal Rifi, in western Sydney, said the family had no inkling that the boys were at risk of joining Isis.

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