Security measures taken in the Netherlands after attacks in France

Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte has stated that Dutch police and security services have taken measures to prevent terrorist attacks in the Netherlands. During the weekly meeting of the Counsel of Ministers (Ministerraad) Rutte called for alertness. The Dutch Prime Minister also stated that while being alert is necessary the best reaction is to “continue to live as we are used to do: open and plural.”

Minister of Defense Jeanine Hennis stated earlier that the level of threat for terrorist attacks in the Netherlands is substantial. But while the chances of attacks are real no concrete evidences have been found for any planned assault. Secretary of State Fred Teeven stated the Netherlands is in a state of enhanced focus. Part of the Dutch cabinet convened a meeting on Friday with the Dutch secret services (the AIVD and MIVD) about the current situation.

Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten has stated that currently about 180 Dutch jihadists have travelled to Syria and Iraq. 35 of those have returned to the Netherlands. 21 Dutch jihadists have been killed in Syria or Iraq. Returning jihadist are severely observed by the AIVD or police.

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