Jihadi Achraf (17) from Amsterdam died in Syria

Achraf father Farid has confirmed that his son, Achraf – alias Abu Jihad, has died in an anti-IS bombing. He received photographs of his killed son. The man was trying to get his child back to the Netherlands.

Last November Farid told about his son in the media. About how he used to wear designer clothing and never went to the mosque. But suddenly this changed. He started praying and hang around with ‘men with beards’. Achraf always wanted to work for the police, but suddenly he viewed them with suspicion.

Farid says that official agencies have failed in keeping his son from leaving the country. He asked the doctor to institutionalize him, but Achraf was not considered to be a danger for himself or his surroundings.

Radicalization experts told the father not to be worried, that they kept an eye on Achraf. But on December 29 he was able to fly from Amsterdam to Turkey, even though is passport number was registered.

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