Pegida’s first demonstration in Scotland appears to have flopped, with unconfirmed reports from the police that only four supporters turned out. The right wing anti-islam umbrella group, which originated in Germany, had planned a march and demonstration in Edinburgh on Saturday.  Supports of Pegida were set to march from Edinburgh’s Waverley Station to a rally outside the Scottish Parliament with support from the Scottish Defence League.

A mass anti-racism march was held as a counter-protest, which included activists from Unite Against Fascism (UAF). UAF also held an anti-fascist march in Glasgow today. There was some doubt as to whether the Pegida demonstration took place at all, because counter-demonstrators report that its supporters were not visible. However, unconfirmed police reports that the demonstration did take place, despite the minimal turnout. Images on social media of the counter-demonstration indicate that the Pegida demonstrators were outnumbered by at least 50:1.

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