A culinary site was flooded by Islamophobic comments after offering recipes for Ramadan which began June 18.

The controversy began after a simple comment posted on the first day. The site marmiton.org, which has more than 60,000 recipes, published a list of recipes for Ramadan. “Today is the first day of Ramadan. Here is our selection of recipes for the occasion. Happy Ramadan to all” reads the message on the site’s Facebook and Twitter pages. In the span of several hours, many readers reacted to the article and posted racist and Islamophobic comments.Ramadan Food

Certain readers found fault with the statement “happy Ramadan to all,” stating that not everyone was Muslim and therefore the statement didn’t apply to them. “Who cares about Ramadan, we shouldn’t even talk about it, we’re in France” read one comment. Another reader described a “betrayal” of “the French culinary tradition.” Others rebuked the site for a “double standard” for not posting recipes for other religious holidays or the Appeal of June 18.

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