Growth of born-again Muslims in Spain

Spain, traditionally a Catholic country, is undergoing a profound transformation. Some 50,000 Spaniards from Christian families have become Muslims, 20.000 of them in the last five years, according to the census of the Union of Islamic Communities in Spain. Between these born again Muslims, there is a group that concerns the Security Forces of the State: young people from radical Islamic environments who are willing to engage violent acts against Spain.

So far this year, security forces have detained more than 40 people connected with Islamist terrorism. A third of them have been arrested in Catalonia.

In fact, of the 1,264 mosques in Spain, 216 are in Catalonia. Moreover, in the last 10 years, the Islamic immigration in the community has increased exponentially, from 30,000 to almost 700,000 Muslim citizens, exceeding 20% of the population in some municipalities.Spanish Muslims

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