Marion Marechal Le Pen, National Front candidate in the regional elections this December, has targeted an imam in Nice who she referred to as an “Islamist,” a jab that indirectly targets the city’s deputy-mayor Christian Estrosi. The young FN deputy tweeted a line from an interview conducted with the Nice imam Abdelkader Sadouni in Nice-Matin.

The mosque’s imam had publicly condemned Islamism, most recently at the beginning of August. “Through these acts, our credibility is tarnished, our intentions threatened,” he stated, before adding, “We know, Islam is a political issue. The FN is going to profit. Don’t give them the whip to be whipped.”

“With Christian Estrosi, Islamists no longer need prayers in the street to be heard in Nice,” said the imam,” the line that Le Pen tweeted.

In response, the mayor retweeted the FN candidate’s statement, adding “Muslims=Islamists? Jean-Marie Le Pen would be proud of your hateful campaign.”

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