In a recent speech, president Francois Hollande stated that the terror threat was high. Following the attack in Thalys, “we are still vulnerable,” he said.

For the head of state, the increase in attacks on French soil, such as that in Thalys, is doomed to continue. Hollande stated, “We are still vulnerable to the violence that occurred Friday and could cause mass casualties.”

The president spoke of the terror threat, in France and abroad, in Africa and the Middle East. According to Hollande, “our security is first decided on our territory, which drove us to engage in the Sentinelle operation,” the use of French soldiers to reinforce the police force, “but also outside of our territory.” Before pointing to the greatest enemy. “Daech (the Islamic State) is the greatest danger. This organization controls a vast territory…uses important resources linked to trafficking of all sorts, has ramifications on the entirety of the globe. This organization recruits, indoctrinates, and kills on a large scale,” said Hollande.

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