1 February 2016

Both people that are positive and negative about the coming of refugees think the Dutch government is lacking in its information concerning the housing of refugees. People feel uninformed. This was concluded by researcher Marjan de Gruijter of the Knowledge Platform Integration & Society (KIS) based on in-depth interviews about the refugee question.

The interviewees unanimously believe the government is responsible for a solution, but criticize the lack of leadership and communication fro the side of the government and the parliament. Researcher Marjan de Gruijter thinks this consensus is remarkable. Proponents think that because of that the government is undermining the public support for the housing of refugees. Opponents think the government is consciously holding back on information.

The support amongst the interviewees for allowing refugees to enter the Netherlands is extensive. People understand that fleeing the war is not a choice, but a necessity. However the interviewees also thought that many refugees have economic motives. About those the interviewees were not so understanding.

That victims of war are welcome does not mean people are not worried about the impact on society. De Gruijter: “Both proponents and opponents are worried about the consequences for the Dutch society as a whole. They wonder what pressures it puts on facilities and our ways of dealing with each other. On the other hand there are concerns about the wellbeing of the refugees themselves. About the (mental) consequences of having to flee, the circumstances of refugee housing, and the future integration into Dutch society.”

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