30 Frenchmen injured in terror attacks

According to recent figures, the number of Frenchmen injured in the August 17 terror attacks has risen to 30. “We visited several hospitals in the city, notably those that are treating French victims. I spoke for several minutes with a father who had just arrived in Barcelona when the attacks occurred,” said journalist Véronique Gaglione.

According to the father, he had gathered with his family: his cousin, his brother and his brother’s wife, and their two daughters, who were uninjured. “But his son was in critical condition. He is hospitalized in a separate building and has not been able to see him since the accident. There are 30 injured Frenchmen, 14 of whom remain hospitalized. Among those injured are 6 children, 5 of whom have life threatening injuries. There are no immediate plans to evacuate them to France,” the journalist concluded.

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