Twitter reacts to halal supermarket’s ordered closure

The Good Price mini-market in Colombes, located in Paris, is required to be a “general food store” according to its license and must meet the needs of all of its inhabitants, meaning it must sell pork and alcohol, but that defeats the purpose of its halal credentials.

The owner Soulemane Yalcin opened his store in 2015 and turned it into a supermarket that sells halal produce. Following a court-ordered closure by the city of Nanterre, Muslims and non-Muslims expressed their frustration with the decision on Twitter.

Reactions ranged from, “Welcome to the land of liberty! France shuts down halal store because it does not sell pork or wine,” to “secular extremist France closes halal supermarket because it doesn’t sell pork or wine.” Others questioned whether France can be considered a “free country” if supermarkets aren’t allowed to choose what they sell.

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